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American women’s political economics in one picture

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I find myself clicking back to Dani Rodrik’s “American political economics in one picture” about the impact of Democratic vs. Republican presidents on the distribution of income. (To oversimplify, under Democratic presidents poor people do a little better.) It’s a compelling result, but there are some sensible criticisms in the comment thread. Shouldn’t the congressional balance of power be at least as important as the orientation of the executive branch? I would be more convinced by some sort of index which incorporates the affiliations of the party, the House, the Senate, etc.

In any case, I’m wondering what a similar analysis broken down by gender would show. The effect might be more pronounced, to the extent that the US government has done anything to keep women in the work force – and I confess some ignorance on this point, I know much more about European child care and leave policies. Of course, given that women’s widespread participation in the formal sector is only a few generations old, the sample might be too small.

Written by Allison

4 April 2008 at 1:43 pm

Papa Don’t Miss the Vote

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I spent a few minutes at WAM chatting with one of the presenters about fathers and feminism. We were talking about the importance of men in the women’s movement generally, and how fathering daughters seems to bring even unlikely men around on women’s issues.

Then I came home and found this study on voting patterns in the US Senate from the March 2008 American Economic Review:

…parenting an additional female child increases a representative’s propensity to vote liberally on women’s issues, particularly reproductive rights.

It’s nice when numbers come along to back up your intuition. But I’m curious about the mechanism. Do fathers with daughters gain more respect for women’s autonomy? Or is it more calculating than that? (Everyone wants their children to get ahead.) Is there a difference?

Hat tip to Marginal Revolution and The Monkey Cage.

Written by Allison

4 April 2008 at 12:15 pm