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2008 Vancouver Women’s Economic Security Summit

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If you happen to be in Vancouver early this November, Antigone Magazine is hosting The 2008 Vancouver Women’s Economic Security Summit.  It’s not an exclusively academic conference, and I gather they’re looking for people to help with planning and organizing sessions. I can’t find any internet presence for the summit, but here is part of the email I received:

We are currently looking for expressions of interest for participation from women’s organizations or groups that deal with issues relating to women’s economic security. Please let us know by June 5th if your group might be interested in attending or having a delegation at the meeting or if you would like a representative from your organization to be part of our planning committee. The planning committee will be having its first meeting in mid-July. Upon your expression of interest, please let us know what themes your organization would like to be considered during the summit.

And here are some suggested topics:

– women’s low-income housing
– human trafficking
– The wage gap
– Domestic violence
– Gender budgeting
– Single mothers
– Financial literacy for women

There’s no contact information on the email, but it is from Amanda Reaume, editor at
Antigone Magazine. If you know of any more specific contact info, please leave it in comments.

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25 May 2008 at 4:44 pm

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