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Abortion and the recession

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Estimates vary, but it  looks like the abortion rate has ticked up with the recession. Would it be too crass to call abortion a countercyclical asset? Of course, it’s hard to be  more offensive than the anti-choice movement, as quoted at Double X:

“Americans, coming off years of hedonism and credit card spending orgies, are now increasingly aborting their babies who were unfortunate enough to be conceived during this economic recession,” Christian radio show host Ingrid Schlueter writes on her blog. “Gone is anything remotely related to the spirit of America past where difficulties were not solved by taking the coward’s or murderer’s way out, but by fulfilling one’s duty and taking responsibility for loved ones, no matter how hard the challenge.”

And who is Schlueter beating up on? Well, here’s a few heart-wrenching examples:

A pregnant woman in Oakland, Calif., already struggling to support three children and an unemployed boyfriend, couldn’t afford bus fare to the abortion clinic. “I just walked here for an hour,” she tells the clinic’s doctor. “I’m sure of my decision.” The same article quotes Stephanie Poggi, executive director of the National Network of Abortion Funds, who says her clients are telling her: “‘I’ve already put off paying my rent, my electric bill. I’m cutting back on my food.’ They’ve run through all the options.”

Let me get this straight. It’s selfish and unpatriotic to have more children than you can support yourself, but both contraception and abortion are murder? Radical social conservatives present so few options for their followers; I really wonder how they manage to attract any supporters outside the top tax bracket.

Written by Allison

18 May 2009 at 12:26 pm

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