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Food stamps and irregular verbs

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Along with Saturday’s New York Times article about the growth in food stamp use, you should read Jill Filipovic’s reaction at Feministe. This is the best part:

The article is also interesting because of its unspoken undercurrent of “this is now notable because white people do it.” Food stamps are now for “regular folks,” instead of those other people who usually rely on public assistance. And it contains some staggering statistics — like the fact that half of all Americans, and 90 percent of all African Americans, will rely on food stamps before they’re 20.

Much of the post is about how strangely judgemental one of the recipients they interview is about others in the program. And along those lines, we get this fantastic comment from Katherine:

This is one of those irregular verbs isn’t it? I am down on my luck, you are feckless, they are fraudulent money-grubbers.

Someone get this woman a blog.

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1 December 2009 at 3:07 pm

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