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Foreign Policy on women’s lives around the world

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image Chris Blattman, my favourite development econ blogger, posts about the Foreign Policy’s list of the worst places to be a woman. The list is divided by region, and includes Haiti, Yemen, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea, and Moldova. They’re looking at the share of women in government, female-to-male income ratio, and female literacy. Blattman adds his own good point:

They forgot one place: the Fortune 500. That group includes just 12 female CEOs, or about 2 percent. Of course, that number is improving, going up by one female CEO each year for the past few years. So we should hit the 50 percent mark by 2246.

Here’s a couple Worldmapper cartograms that represent similar data. The first is the worldwide distribution of men’s income; the second, women’s income.




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6 June 2008 at 12:10 pm

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