Five of the Best Shopping Apps


Shopping from our phones has become extremely popular. You can order whatever you need at any time from wherever you are. No waiting till you get home or have a chance to run to the store only to forget what it was you needed. You just pull out your phone and order it right there on the spot and have it sent directly to your home. To make things even better apps make it so that you don’t even have to go googling the store you want to order from. But what are the best and most popular shopping apps to have?

Amazon Shopping – Amazon has been one of the go to online shopping site for a long time. They are known for being able to sell almost anything and for having fast and reliable shipping. There app has the ability to not only shop for anything anywhere but you can also scan barcodes and compare prices, so that you get the best deal possible. You can also direct Alexa to search for or order products for you.

Walmart – Walmart is another popular place to shop both in stores and online. One of the favorites is their free site to store option. But their app can do way more than just offer you cool products. The app allows you to put in for prescription refills and photo printing and pick them up when they are ready. You can also scan barcodes to find a specific item without sifting through thousands of possibilities. And a cool reorder option allowing you to reorder items without searching for them again, that’s great for stuff that you need often.

Target – Targets app also has several really cool features that makes it easier to shop both online and in store. They have a shopping list option that allows you to find what you need and save it till you are ready to order it. After you order it you can pick it up in store or have it shipped to your home. If you want to just go to the store and get it right away the app will tell you if it is at that store and what isle it is on making it easier to find it. Plus this app makes it almost impossible to miss out on a sale. Saving you money with the app.

Kmart – Has a cool free shipping option when you order while in the store. That is great when the store you are at doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for saving you time on looking in other stores hoping to find what you are looking for. They also have a feature that allows you to manage layaway contracts and your shop your way account from the app.

As seen on TV – This is a really cool app that lets you find those things you saw on TV that you need. You can search for the item you saw on TV and order when you are ready instead of hopping you will eventually see it in a store somewhere. You can also use the app to apply to be a tester, where you could be given free products to test before anyone else has even heard about them.

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